Image source: Respawn Entertainment

Apex users are annoyed with the current Apex glitch. The bug renders enemies totally invisible, which makes it almost difficult to target them. 

Apex Legends has just released another update as Season 8 is in full swing. Updates on maps and weapons have been enjoyable so far, but they are now being overwhelmed by this latest invisible glitch. This glitch renders the enemy totally invisible in battle. Making it almost difficult to aim and hunt down your enemies. 

The only thing you can see when the glitch occurs is a floating gun. The Reddit post shows the bug in motion, and once you watch it, you will see why it’s so irritating.

The source of the bug is still unclear, although some users believe the latest Revenant Anniversary skin is the culprit behind the glitch, but others think it occurs even though they don’t use the skin. 

As of now, there is no news of any bug fixes, and Respawn has yet to resolve the issue. Hopefully, they’ll get to grips with it and fix it soon.

Source: DBLTap


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