Image source: Twiiter @Biast12

Apex Legends’ long-rumored Arena Mode is finally getting its first look in Apex Legends. Although the game mode isn’t live developers have taken a candid attempt to “deceptively” give players a sneak peek at the map.

Apex Legends Leak Reveals New Arena Mode

Biast12, a very reliable Apex leaker, was in a game, and while in the Firing Range he entered a ship that took him to a new area. After jumping off the ship into a bay he ran forward onto a platform that slowly rose him up to the arena section.

Inside of the area, there’s a giant hologram of Ash. It’s likely that the area is one of the playable areas in the game when the game mode goes live.

Arena mode has been the talk of Apex players for months now. Since the original data file leak in October 2020, there’s been a lot of talk surrounding the game mode. The most commonly agreed theory is that it will be released with Season 9 which is set to go live on May 4.

Respawn has yet to confirm anything about the game mode so until they release official word this is all speculation. But it’s still very likely that this will come to fruition as the developer’s way of adding “more ways” to play the game outside of just battle royale.

Source: DBLTap


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