Source: Combo Breaker

Combo Breaker, one of the largest multi-game fighting game tournaments in the world, is now putting off its planning for the 2021 event due to the continuous uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, announced yesterday by the tournament organizer. 

The championship normally takes place annually on the Memorial Day Weekend, but this will be the second consecutive year in which will not be a hub for fighting game players to meet and participate casually and at the highest level.

“The ongoing impact of COVID-19 has made it impossible to host an indoor event of the size of Combo Breaker in Illinois this May; and Illinois is our home,” said Rick “The Hadou” Thiher, the tournament organizer. “This year, when Combo Breaker was cancelled by 2020, we thought we’d be gathering together to play games again later this season. It’s profoundly difficult to acknowledge that fate has different plans for us.”

As an update, any player who brought over their 2020 room reservations at the event-partnered Schaumburg Renaissance Hotel for the 2021 tournament will immediately have their reservation cancelled and all deposits will be returned shortly. 

To keep the spirit alive, The Hadou is pursuing a project that saw a little time last year by producing content alongside the community.

“In the past year, I’ve talked to the audience, the viewers, and the staff about what Combo Breaker meant to them,” the Hadou said. “These discussions made me feel that our team should deliver more than just an offline event experience. Given that, this year, we’re going to try something different. We’ll keep the spirit of Combo Breaker alive with a multi-day interactive festival at Memorial Day Weekend 2021.” 

“We have a lot of work to do to bring our vision to life and we look forward to sharing it with you,” the Hadou said. “Please, in the meantime, enjoy fighting games. Keep on training. Join an online tournament. Look at the currents. Be successful on group servers. To support one another. Know the hope.”

Source: dotesports