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Chaos Theory Collection offers new approaches to discover the story of the game and combat on the battlefield. It also celebrates the release of the Nintendo Switch game. 

Apex Legends Season 8 introduced major improvements to the map with the addition of Salvo’s hero Fuse on the Legends roster of the franchise. 

In addition to what was introduced a few weeks earlier, EA and Respawn have made further preparations for the Chaos Theory Collection celebration, which will bring new ways to play the game, which will act as a welcome to the Nintendo Switch version of the title. 

Here we offer you all the specifics of this special event, including all the prizes, modes of play, and more.

Chaos Theory Collection: Nintendo Switch Launch

With the arrival of the festival, and after being revealed months earlier, the edition of Apex Legends for the Nintendo Switch will also be released this March, offering exclusive prizes to anyone who logs into the game via the Nintendo console. 

To start with, all Switch players will be given 30 free levels for their Season 8 Battle Pass. In addition, for the first two weeks after the game, playing Switch will also give you a double XP. 

In addition, to celebrate the release of Switch, Respawn will also launch Legendary Pathfinder skin (called PATH) as a free incentive for players who will boot Apex Legends on Switch between the game launch and the end of Season 8 on May 4.

Chaos Theory Collection: Caustic Town Takeover

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Respawn will bring a new spot to the map known as Caustic Treatment; a new dominant mousetrap with plenty of high-quality loot that appeals to all the Legends that want the finest cheese. 

It will be placed where the Water Treatment used to be to prevent Fuse’s Crash Site from spilling gasoline into the ocean. Under this, there will be a mechanic in which the players will be “tested subjects” to drain the radioactive liquid from the center of the facility. 

Doing this temporarily provides entry to four gold loot objects locked in cages. 

Chaos Theory Collection: Fiery Gameplay Changes – The case also brings some new mechanics that can alter the game world.

Ring Fury

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This takeover playlist follows standard BR rules, but each round, one or more Ring Flares will appear on the map inside the current ring. Ring Fury replaces standard Duos and Trios playlists for the two-week period of the Collection Case. 

However, this would be an “escalation takeover,” meaning that every few days the prevalence, timing, and scale of the Ring Flares will change, up to five separate levels of escalating by the end of the case.

Many that are trapped in the Ring Flare will take damage equal to the damage caused by the present Ring. However, players can get a brief alert on the map and a minimap before the Ring Flare appears. Legends can also cry out if they’re in direct trouble or if they’re opening up nearby. 

A new item called Heat Shields will be introduced to deal with the Ring Flares.

Heat Shields

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All players can begin with the Heat Shield in their inventory when they fall, which can be thrown down to prevent damage to the Ring Flares (or from the ring itself). The loot pool for this event was tuned to scatter the Heat Shields around the map. 

The Heat Shields cast a defensive dome, spraying the lethal impact of the ring over the barrier for a brief period, allowing Legends to steal, recover, and simply perform some impressive plays outside the Ring. Plus, if you’re inside a ring-activated dome, the use of healing products will be accelerated by 50 percent and the speed of Revive will be improved by 25 percent.

They can eventually decay in strength, though, when it is weakened by the bell. The damage to the Ring is mirrored in the length of the Heat Shield.

Survival Slot

Image source: Respawn Entertainment

To treat the Heat Shields in your store, a new slot will be introduced to the game called the Survival Slot. The objective of the Survival Slot is to remove the option between standard loot and tactical utilities such as the Mobile Respawn Beacon or the Heat Shield. 

This slot will continue to be available in the game even after the conclusion of the Ring Fury Escalation takeover with the Heat Shields.

Chaos Theory Collection: No-Fill Matchmaking

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For the first time, players will be able to play solo in Duos or Trios, only by unchecking the Fill Matchmaking box before sending a group to every chosen playlist. 

In this way, players will be able to concentrate on achieving goals such as completing some daily and weekly challenges, exploring the map and experimenting with characters they haven’t tried before, or even challenging bigger groups of players. 

There will be some drawbacks, as only six possible No-Fill players are included in each match, and the feature will not be included in the ranking.

Chaos Theory Collection: Rewards

Image source: Respawn Entertainment

Last but not least, the Chaos Theory Collection case will offer a reward track of fresh genuine cosmetics, including iconic Kraber and EVA-8 gun skins. 

To win these prizes, players will be able to complete regular tasks by increasing their event points to a limit of 1,000 per day. These challenges will also be addressed in the new Battle Pass. 

All 24 themed pieces will be available by direct purchase (for Apex Coins or Crafting Metals) and through Event Apex Packs for the duration of the event. In addition, if you collect all 24 event pieces, you can also unlock the Bangalore Heirloom kit.

You can find out more detail about the case, as well as updates to the Legends and fixes to certain parts of the game in this development blog.

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