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EA canceled a project called Gaia, which its Montreal studio Motive has been developing for nearly six years, Bloomberg reports Thursday.

EA first hinted at Gaia in 2015, but the publisher never officially revealed or named the project. The project was designed to be a new franchise, describing it as “a highly ambitious, creative new game that puts control and imagination in your hands.”

Precisely what strength and imagination it applied to was then vague, and now seemingly non-existent.

Gaia is another survivor of the EA housecleaning that saw Anthem’s death next week. The game’s growth, led by veteran game industry executive Jade Raymond at his new EA-owned Motive studio, was long-lasting and arduous.

It has undergone at least one big re-launch during its multi-year development period, Bloomberg says.

Any of the production issues may have been related to the problems at the studio itself. It absorbed workers from the Montreal office of BioWare, which shut down in 2017 after Mass Effect Andromeda’s failed launch.

Part of Motive was also assigned to work on Star Wars Battlefront II, which was released the same year as Andromeda.

The Gaia team absorbed the imaginative lead of Battlefront II, and cultural gaps lifted their heads. Gaia’s top directors ultimately left for Ubisoft, leading to Gaia’s rebuild. Motive Studio Head Raymond quit in the fall of 2018.

Motive will continue to run, having achieved success with Star Wars Squadron in 2020.

Gaia news comes next to a recent multiplayer-free Dragon Age game in progress at the EA-owned BioWare.

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