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The next big thing to come from the once-mighty BioWare was meant to be Anthem, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a hot mess. 

The failed co-op shooter from BioWare could eventually be shut down this week as EA is apparently going to explore the future of the title. 

The company, known for its legendary RPGs such as Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age and Mass Effect, has struggled over the years, both failing to deliver appealing gameplay and narratives with Mass Effect Andromeda and Anthem, and instead of becoming prized, they have become a subject of ridicule for their many problems and shortcomings.

A few years ago, renowned business insider Jason Schreier wrote an excellent essay that described in depth what had gone wrong with Anthem, whose production had been hampered by technological problems and frequent concept changes with little clear vision. 

Image source: EA

And now Jason is reporting that this week the final fate of the game might be decided. 

According to Schreier’s post, EA executives will be confronted with the new iteration of “Anthem Next” later this week, which is expected to be a major revamp of the game with the aim of solving its multiple interface problems and making it more enticing.

It is confirmed that this huge redesign would change all major facets of the game, including the loot system, the missions, the social aspects of the game, the difficulty balance, the advancement system, and the world map. 

This complete overhaul has been underway for at least a year, and the last official update on progress was released in July last year, focusing on Javelin gameplay and builds.

Based on the reports, some 30 developers are working on Anthem’s revision, and this week is crucial to the future of the game because EA will make a final decision whether to expand the team or abandon the project on the basis of the current iteration of the game. 

This is certainly not an easy position for the team working on Anthem, as BioWare is currently working on Dragon Age 4 and the next Mass Effect game, and all available resources are currently prioritising these new projects from two already established and beloved franchises.


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