ESI 2022 are here to stay in Asia Pacific, specifically Singapore!

After giving the region a quick flyby during ESI Digital Summer 2020,

Now, they come into Singapore!

This event will take 2 days in Singapore.

July 6 and 7 is best day chosen to conduct this event

You will also have a different chance each day

On July 6, ESI will kick off our time in Singapore with sessions tackling the challenges of commercialization,

There also an opportunity to expand your partnerships in the space.

While on July 7, they will cover E-sports unique place in the South East Asian ecosystem

Moreover, in day 2 the event will feature more great content,

As an explore themes of investment, and crossover industries including blockchain, marketing, and advertising,

As well as a look into how SEA can welcome international E-sports entities into its space.

You can come to the event if you have spare time

You can join the usual cocktail of top notch networking,

Or education and content to the Lion City and to APAC in person for the very first time.

This event will open your chance

You can check out world leading sessions from industry leaders

Both within the region and from around the world.

There may be some opportunities that give you the chances to expand your business

In ways you never before thought possible.

do you want to join the esi 2022 event?