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On December 3rd, due to poor circumstances, their former team captain “Dadinho” was excluded from the team, but the exact reason was not specified. The player said that it was the decision of Carla Coelho, The CEO of loops esports. Owing to legal issues, he did not expand on the dilemma any more. 

As we remember, the squad was going through a tough time with some interpersonal problems a month ago, and this escalated to an in-game outcry for the first time in the entire history of PUBGM. 

Three of the players broke away from the fourth man in the last PMGC group stage match, held a month ago, and sat idle in the church on the erangle map.

RRQ Athena’s players found them and easily had 3 kills. 

The team’s fourth player on the other side of the map was discovered playing an ordinary game. This offered a key to PUBGM Management that something about this situation was strange. Later that day, a statement about this was issued by PUBGM Management claiming that this “protest was due to an internal problem.” 

The PUBG Mobile esports team and ESL confirmed that they “reviewed all proof of the players’ unsportsmanlike behavior” and concluded that it breached the game’s competitive integrity.

Thus, Loops Esports was excluded from the PMGC under regulation 6.1.2 of the PUBG Mobile esports rulebook, which states that “players must compete at all times at the best of their abilities.” The squad will lose whatever prize money they’ve won, too. 

Federal, Dadinho, Caiowski and Gxlden parted their ways with Loops esports after being disqualified from PMGC. 

Influence Rage esports (INF) posted a disclosure video today that re-enacted the PMGC event. This notes that, along with Cher, who was the Loops esports mentor, Dadinho, Caiowski, and Federal are signed by Impact rage esports.

Source: talkesport