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Korea’s major support for Hong-gyu “Faith” Kim and flex DPS Byeong-ju “Valentine” Kim was signed by the Boston Rebellion. The couple, who are heading the Korean Contenders Squad World Game Star Phoenix Uprising, seems to have filled the 2021 Uprising roster. 

Faith and Valentine’s Way to Boston 

Both players started their careers in the Open Division. Known for his play Lucio and Mercy, Faith began with the Korean team Maxtill Soar before heading to the Pacific and joining Global Esports.

After finishing second at Talon Esports at the end of 2019, Faith chose to move to the Chinese area. He played mainly with Phantom Wizard, a successful trial team but never played well with the contestants. But after joining one of Phoenix’s other World Game Star players, he made his way up to the main squad. During their first season with the club, they defeated RunAway to earn the title of the Korean contenders. 

Valentine began playing with the Gamecoach Academy in the Pacific Open Division. After switching to New Paradigm, he returned to the Korean area and bounced back and forth between teams. He joined Team MVP and Gen.B before eventually sticking to World Game Star Phoenix.

As the team’s flex DPS, his need to learn Echo quickly and play at a high level helped him excel alongside his team. After beating RunAway in week four, he helped to defeat them again in the finals of the season. Alongside Confidence, he was a hot commodity for the 2021 season as a versatile player. 

Boston is finalising their roster 

It’s hard to see Boston take up someone else with this duo signing. If they’re optimistic with the roster they’ve got here, their only remaining need is a backup of the off-tank position. Even then, their latest signing of Young-Sun “GaeBullSsi” Yun could help.

However, as other teams and players have shown over the past year, the Rebellion may have failed to integrate the pair into a blended roster. But with Terrence “SoOn” Tarlier now joining the roster, it’s obvious that Boston needs the best talent out there.

Source: DailyEsports

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