FlyQuest Support for Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black.


Zaqueri “Aphormoo” Black got FlyQuest back.

He is one of the longest-tenured players left in the LCS.

Aphromoo stays in pro scene for over 10 years — a rarity in all of LoL Esports, not just the LCS.

“I think it’s the people, so long as I’m around people who love playing the game, put in a lot of work and effort and stuff like that just makes it fun, especially when it gets in a competition setting where you’re going to shit on people. And I love doing that.”

In Aphromoo’s  point of view, people around him is always be his motivation.

Aphromoo is the oldest player in the LCS.

However, he continues to age like fine wine, to expect other supports in the league for years to come.

FlyQuest was extremely transparent in their desire to sign Aphromoo.

As the video announcement stating that they were looking for a veteran to lead their team through the unification of their younger talent.

But, that doesn’t mean Aphromoo gets a free pass on his own level of play.

Fortunately, for the support position, Aphromoo’s role within the team and the proficiency of his individual play often go hand-in-hand.

Source: Happy Gamer

FLY have exceeded expectations early on in the season, and the team’s current roster have already shown more synergy than the revolving door 2021 roster ever did.

While it took FlyQuest some time to find their style in the current meta.

Aphromoo attributes the team’s strong start in the Spring Split to benefits in communication due to the team’s focus.

It is a strategy of playing enchanters in the top lane with Smite as opposed to a standard top lane.

“I think support play definitely shines when your team is all on the same page,” said Aphromoo. “When you’re all on the same macro, you get set up so you’re able to go for a play that you really wouldn’t be able to go for if you aren’t on the same page. The #1 focus for supports is making sure everyone follows the game plan.”