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Fortnite Season 6 has added weapon crafting to the series. Animal Bones and Mechanical Parts can now be used to craft a range of Primal and Classic arms.

Weapon crafting is only one of the few improvements made by Epic Games in Season 6. The map of Fortnite has been greatly changed, and a number of arms have been vaulted and unvaulted. The following guide will walk you through the latest Fortnite weapon crafting system.

Fortnite Crafting Guide

The background for the game’s new weapon crafting system is provided by a post from The Fortnite Team on Epic Games’ website. In essence, “after the Zero Point sent a mysterious pulse across the Island, survival skills have become more important than ever,” and “knowing how to craft your own advanced pieces will give you an advantage in these primal times.” While it may be perplexing at first, the crafting method is simple to learn.

Primal Weapons

Animal bones can be used to make Primal Arms. Primal Weapons are characterized by their high damage performance and can be gained by killing animals such as hogs, boars, or wolves.

Classic Weapons

Players may use Mechanical Parts to upgrade their weapons to the Classic version. They must smash and steal trucks, forklifts, and tractors in order to obtain these items. Classic arms stand out because they are more precise.

The Crafting Process

  • Acquire Animal Bones (Primal weapons) or Mechanical Parts (Classic weapons) from wildlife or vehicles respectively.
  • Open up the Inventory menu and switch to the Crafting tab.
  • Select the weapon that you would like to upgrade.
  • Check that you have the required materials.
  • Use the Craft button to craft the weapon.

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