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What you need to know about the Fortnite v16.20 update with the patch notes, which includes vehicle attachments, bug fixes and more.

All the way back in January 2021, a leaker already claimed Fortnite would get weapon attachments and vehicle mods. Now, with the Fortnite v16.20 update, the latter has arrived. While Epic Games does not share the official, full patch notes for a Fortnite update, we’ve got you covered with the Fortnite v16.20 patch notes, including vehicle mods, bug fixes, a new bow and more.

What time does Fortnite v16.20 release?

The Fortnite v16.20 update releases on 13th April 2021. Epic Games noted this update will have longer downtime than usual, and the servers will also go down earlier.

Fortnite v16.20 patch notes update bug fixes release time vehicle mods unstable bow(Picture: Epic Games)

Downtime begins at roughly 06:00 GMT. With the “longer than usual” server downtime, there’s no exact actual release time for the Fortnite v16.20 update. We expect the servers to go up again between 11:00 and 13:00 GMT.

Fortnite v16.20 vehicle mods & more

Epic Games is set to release Fortnite vehicle mods with the v16.20 update. While the developer didn’t share a lot of info about the update, they did mention the following:

  • Trick out your ride with new wheels
  • Bow and arrow Sharpen those bow skills and focus up for a special Duos Cup
  • Exploding head 50-player matchmaking in Creative

The first line definitely confirms vehicle mods are coming to Fortnite. Back in January, dataminer HYPEX already explained what the developers are working on.

With Fortnite vehicle mods, players might see different tiers of vehicles, with different behaviours for grass, road, dirt and more. There is a chance that players might also be able to trick out their vehicles with attachments such as mounted guns.

Fortnite v16.20 update adds Unstable Bow

The Unstable Bow has arrived in Fortnite and with it, there will be a special Duos Cup for players to take part in.

Fortnite v16.20 patch notes update bug fixes release time vehicle mods unstable bow(Picture: Epic Games)

While this isn’t official for the Fortnite v16.20, the Unstable Bow is an Exotic weapon that you can obtain from Rebirth Raven. It has a glitch effect when you hit players.

Fortnite v16.20 patch notes: All the bug fixes

According to the game’s official Trello Board, Epic Games is fixing some bugs and glitches with the Fortnite v16.20 update.

Fortnite v16.20 patch notes update bug fixes release time vehicle mods unstable bow(Picture: Epic Games)

The bug fixes below are as close as one can get to an official Fortnite v16.20 patch notes.

  • Cannot create system-level parties between PS5 and PS4 when playing Fortnite.
  • Code Green Wrap not appearing correctly.
  • Arena playlist issues.
  • Storm visibility is clear when using
  • Performance Mode.
  • Collection Book Character #17 not appearing on the Island.
  • Slurpshrooms and Coconuts temporarily disabled.
  • (Creative) Start with ‘Pickaxe’ Creator setting still spawning with a Pickaxe.
  • (Creative) Vehicles not moving properly in Creative.
  • (Mobile) Cosmetics in Lobby appearing blurry on Nintendo Switch.
  • (Mobile) 3D resolution reset itself even if the player saved the settings.

So there you have it, the early Fortnite v16.20 patch notes.

We will update this article once more information becomes available.



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