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5 Best Highest Laners in Legends League Patch 11.2

The top five laners in League of Legends Patch 11.2 must be known to scale the ladder, win victory, and help the team. The top laners are in an outstanding spot after the new updates and are expected to rule the meta.

Top laners, in particular, who can exert pressure around the map or provide a strong service to their squad. New things introduced in the preseason are already being checked in multiple ways on different champions, so make sure to explore.

The top five laners in League of Legends patch 11.2 are as follows:

  1. Viego

There’s no better way to scale the ladder than to master the newest champion. Viego has the advantage of being fresh and extremely strong. His desire to snatch the bodies of other champions renders him invincible in squad battles. That combined with his good lane presence makes him a solid pick-up for any top laner. However, keep an eye on the future of Viego’s nerves.

2. Cho’gath

Source: Riot Games

This old beast just keeps running, Cho’Gath has one of the oldest kits in the game, but the fact that he’s powerful speaks volumes of his usefulness. Strong knock and silence, along with his innate tanky states, make him an outstanding choice for the frontline.

  1. Malphite

Source: Riot Games

Malphite is an older and probably stronger champion than Cho’Gath. While Cho’Gath lacks the strong ability to engage in fights, Malphite is engaged. His final can start and end fights, sometimes when Malphite’s knockup is over, the team fight is over.

  1. Pantheon

Source: Riot Games

Pantheon is a powerful flex pick that can throw off people in the pick/ban phase. He can go into the jungle, top, middle, or support. The fact that he gives ample lane pressure is just a bonus on top of that.

  1. Shen

Source: Riot Games

Well, a good Shen player can carry his team with him. Obviously, the main bonus of having a Shen on the team is that he can teleport his final to a teammate free of charge. This lets him put absurd pressure on the enemy team, because the only time they can get in is when they’re sure Shen doesn’t have an ult.

Source: DBLTap

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