Picture source: EA

Fuse is the newest addition to the Apex Legends roster and is currently the most strong piece of content introduced in Season 8.

As soon as Respawn showed Fuse’s skills, it seemed like he was going to be a successful offensive legend. With two damage-dealing powers and a powerful passive, the new legend is already shaking up the meta—and there’s no better example than a clip making its way through Reddit.

Video shows the power of Fuse in the Apex Legends

The official Royal Fight Subreddit has already exploded with Fuse clips, as players are still excited to show off the next legend once the season begins. As a result, hundreds of awesome clips surface on social media. 

With that being said, none of them gained more exposure than a common video that would make Respawn Entertainment think of nerfing Fuse.

“The first game with Fuse, and this occurs with the apex legends with more than 17,000 upvotes, Respawn’s developers even created a few reactions. Daniel Klein, the game designer for Respawn, joked that the devs will “link to this when we’re going to nerf him [Fuse].”

Although the clip is definitely amazing, it doesn’t seem unlikely for any Apex Legends player to duplicate the feat. Fuse’s Ultimate and Tactical Abilities are reasonably user-friendly, requiring a quick point and click to deal serious damage.

Picture source: EA

Again, Fuse’s Passive Skill, which helps him to fire grenades farther and quicker, is no joke. As seen in the clip, the Arc Stars had raced to the enemy’s hiding position and were dead-on-precise. This may be one place that Respawn takes a look at when it comes to determining if a Fuse nerve is needed.

Source: Dailyesports