Picture source: Respawn Entertainment

The next town takeover in Apex Legends will star the deadly scientist of the game, Caustic according to dataminers. 

Town Takeovers are basically mini-events that accompany a specific legend. Each takeover also transforms a place on the Apex Legends map and comes with a new mythology. Most recently, Pathfinder had his “Fight Night” at Season 7 at Olympus.

Caustic to receive the next Apex Legends Town Takeover

With the announcement of the Apex Season 8 update, leaks came from data miners like Twitter @Shrugtal. As far as the concerned, the case will obviously take place in Kings Canyon at the Water Treatment site.

If the takeover fails to build on Caustic’s notorious Bunker reputation, Water Treatment makes sense for Caustic. There’s plenty of space to spread his deadly experiments. 

If the leaks are right, Caustic joins Octane, Wraith, Mirage, Bloodhound and Pathfinder as the sixth legend to have both a Town Takeover and an Heirloom arm. Crypto is the last legend without an heirloom that has seen a takeover.

Picture source: EA

Caustic’s invasion is likely to take place somewhere after the halfway point of Season 8, based on previous incidents. Leaks only mention a venue, not a date.

Source: Dailyesports