Envy Gaming, Inc is a collective E-sports and gaming company.

And a few moment ago, there is an announcement related to the company.

The Dallas-based organization has permanently opted to operate under the OpTic banner.

OpTic’s President Hector ‘Hecz’ Rodrigues and Chief Gaming Officer Mike ‘Hastr0’ Rufail announced on a podcast episode.

Therefore, all teams will handled by the OpTic.

Some players, like Envy’s Smash pro Wizzrobe, will no longer be part of the organisation after the change. Envy’s Rocket League roster was the first team to be officially rebranded as OpTic Gaming.

Some people may know that Envy is one of the longest-running brands in esports.

The organisation founded in 2007 as Team EnVyUs

And has fielded teams in dozens of games in its history.

Envy has competed in various games, such as;

CS:GO, FIFA, Fortnite, PUBG, StarCraft, Street Fighter, Halo, League of Legends and more recently VALORANT, Overwatch and Rocket League.

While OpTic Gaming is an even older brand than Envy Gaming, founded in 2006.

The two companies first made headlines last year with their high-profile merger

And they haven’t share any clues about their future plans.

The news also means that Envy’s holding company Envy Gaming LLC will also rebrand to OpTic Gaming,

Ending a protracted stretch in which the organisational structure of the Envy-OpTic entity

And its franchise assets surrounded by confusion.