Let’s take a peek at some of Dota 2’s new upgrades. 

The new Dota Pro Circuit is just getting started. That’s why Valve thought it’s time for the watch tab you will find inside the clients to be changed. Now, it will grant you access to the Upper and Lower Divisions of all DPC events.


The watch tab has always been impressive, but it is much better after the updates. Now it has a few highlighted games that you will be able to preview whilst in Dota 2. What’s more, you can look up all regions’ schedules, including the live stream feed. To the favourites, you can also add those players, which will let you track them more closely.


The unique Dota Pro Circuit app can certainly be downloaded if you want to see your favorite team when you’re on the go. It is available on Android and iOS and a Dota Plus subscription is no longer necessary. This confirms that you can check it out absolutely free. 

The team packages are also another exciting part that we hope to see very soon. Features like including special in-game effects, emotes, loading screens, and chat-wheel lines will be included. What makes this package even more remarkable is that the teams submitted themselves.

Source: ESTNN