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FIFA 21 Prime Icon Moments were expected to appear as soon as Friday, Feb. 19 in the Ultimate Squad as the Middle Icons are eliminated from the sets. 

Prime Icon Moments was first released as a modern version of Icons in FIFA 19. There are four versions of Icons: root, center, prime, and prime moment.

Prime Moments are the top rating iterations of Icons that call out to a special time in the career of the player. New icons are set to get Prime Moments versions this year, most prominently David Beckham and Eric Cantona. 

Is any of the new Icons going to bump out the top five players? Here are the five most rated Prime Icon Moments cards predicted.

FIFA 21 Prime Icon Moments: Who’s going to be the Five Highest Ranked Players? 

The five top ranking Prime Icon Moments in FIFA 20 are as follows:

  • Diego Maradona – 99
  • Pele – 99
  • Ronaldo – 97
  • Zinedine Zidane – 97
  • Johan Cruyff – 96

In FIFA 19, the five most rated Prime Icon Moments are as follows:

  • Pele – 99
  • Diego Maradona – 98
  • Ronaldo – 97
  • Paolo Maldini, Lev Yashin, Johan Cruyff, Ronaldinho – 95
  • Thierry Henry, George Best, Ruud Gullit, Eusebio + three more – 94

Expect Maradona, Pele, R9 and Zidane to remain in the top five, but don’t be surprised to see Eric Cantona earn a 97 or 98 rated piece, given he’s a brand new Icon.

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