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Team of the Year has arrived in FIFA 21 and players cannot contain their enthusiasm about this wonderful promotion, or at least that’s what EA Sports would want them to say. Here’s a run-down on why we think TOTY has been such a nightmare so far. 

It would be far from understatement to say that TOTY has not made the best start among the general FIFA population. From the bizarre scores of some players, to the less than substantial incentives for completing the TOTY themed SBCs, to the much more ridiculously pricey Ribéry Flashback card, it’s fair to conclude that many in the group are not content right now.

The Reasons Why TOTY Was Bad So Far

  1. Bad SBC rewards
  2. Nonsensical Ratings
  3. Packs Being Stacked Against Players.

Since the SBCs have been introduced to FIFA, they have been a focal point for all of these activities, but this does not appear to be the case for TOTY. The challenges they have taken forward so far have been short of daylight theft, as has been the case with many of the advertisements this season.

From selling a lot of low-value packs as prizes for completing the TOTY themed challenges to naming new kit pieces alongside them, it looks as if EA is publicly spitting in the face of their audience. And there’s the Ribéry SBC, which we’re going to leave for another topic in an effort to retain this civilian.

As far as TOTY is concerned, the players’ ratings themselves are the key subject of discussion within the FIFA community. Despite his achievements for Bayern Munich last year, EA Sports opted not to grant Robert Lewandowski his well-deserved 99-number card, as has been the custom for a player who has been voted the best in the world for a given season and/or year, but it was evidently not the worst of it.

With the release of the Midfielders portion of the TOTY only a few moments ago, the community was stunned to learn that Joshua Kimmich, the man who was undoubtedly the best midfielder in the world last season, was given the lowest ranking of the three teams.

We don’t know what this means for the other players in the squad whose scores are yet released, but if things proceed in this light, there may be more outrage on the horizon.

Finally, of course, we’ve got the packs themselves. Usually as TOTY or related case comes out of packs. Of course, with the scarcity of these players, it can be challenging for people to get one of these cards.

However, since there appears to be an overabundance of FIFA players today who constitute an uncommon card, it becomes more of a struggle for players to find out whether or not they have really received one in a box.

The 100k and Ultimate Packs, which appear to be the much-needed lifeline for FIFA matches, have proved to be anything but that at the moment.

In the end, this case has taught us something that if you’re a big name FIFA content maker or have the resources to go into the ring, then having a TOTY is pretty straight forward.

And the rest of the community, it’s been an inexorable nightmare attempting to hang on to one of these widely prized cards.

Let’s hope EA Sports agrees to give the ordinary joes a helping hand, but we’re not going to hold our breath on that.

Source: DBLTap