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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players chasing Mbappé inform by completing cheap TOTW Upgrade SBC

With an informed Kylian Mbappé up for grabs through the TOTW Upgrade SBC, Ultimate Team players are shooting for the stars.

Ultimate Team players are praying to the FIFA Gods as they try to snipe one of the most valuable (untradeable) cards in the game through the TOTW Upgrade SBC.

Now and then, EA Sports allows FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players to earn a shot at a Team of the Week player through the completion of an SBC. Right now TOTW 9 is the active team boasting inform players. You can complete the TOTW Upgrade SBC for a shot at one of these players.

Although TOTW 9 has some decent options, there is one prized possession that players are looking for. The card in question is a 92 overall Kylian Mbappé.

The striker’s base card is considered one of the best cards in the game, naturally, players are excited at the chance of getting this special version.

TOTW Upgrade SBC cheapest solution & requirements

Fifa 22 ultimate team totw 9

The SBC is certainly on the cheap side of things. Furthermore, the requirements are far from restrictive. You’ll need to put together a squad of eleven players that average an 83 overall rating while maintaining a minimum of 50 chemistry.

Players are currently completing the SBC at the low average cost of 13.5K coins. Here’s one of the cheaper solutions you can opt for.

Cheap totw upgrade sbc solution

Is hunting for Mbappé worth it?

All things considered, this SBC isn’t worth it if you’re trying to pack Mbappé. The players in TOTW 9 excluding Ligue 1’s Mbappé are a weak assortment.

The odds of packing Mbappé are razor-thin unless you’re the one lucky user below. However, the low cost is hard to ignore. Therefore, we suggest completing a few of these SBCs and saving the pack for a better TOTW selection.

Extremely savvy players will be completing the SBC multiple times and holding the packs for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team’s rumored Black Friday promo. This upcoming promo will highlight some of the best TOTW cards thus far. EA brings back these excellent cards with the Best Team of the Week, for those who may have missed out.

Mbappé will likely be included in this selection alongside a plethora of superior options. This effectively raises the floor of the weakest card you can pack.

Source: Charlie Intel


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