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After a lot of speculation and leaks, Treyarch publicly announced a new map of Zombies for Black Ops Cold War: Firebase Z. 

Treyarch Studios published the first images of the upcoming Zombies map, Firebase Z, which will appear later in season 1.

Leaks about Firebase Z began to emerge long before the Black Ops Cold War broke out, and the leaks were later confirmed by influential miners. 

But the leaks indicated that the latest map would come at a later date, probably after Season 2, which would not be the case. 

Instead, Treyarch revealed that the latest Zombies map would come even earlier than we had previously thought-Firebase Z would arrive during Season One on February 4th, and it would be absolutely free for all players who own the title.

The new map will be a continuation of the Dark Aether plot, also known as the Death Dimension, which is the main narrative in the Zombie mode of Black Ops Cold War. 

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“With the collapse of the ‘Projekt Endstation’ site of the Second World War following the investigation of the otherworldly Dark Aether phenomenon in Poland, Requiem is now focused on the new Dark Aether outbreak site: Outpost 25, known by the code name ‘Firebase Z.’ 

Treyarch did not reveal any further information about the game, but according to leaks, the latest map would be located in the Vietnamese jungle. 

New map specifics are scheduled to be published tomorrow (15th January).

To celebrate the release of Firebase Z, Treyarch is releasing the Zombies Free Access Week, along with the new Cranked mode, Onslaught Raid, and support for the new Wakizashi sword in Zombies. 

The Zombies Free Access Week will run from 14 January to 21 January.