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Fortnite Drift and his harvesting weapon, the Rift Lip, are currently available as authentic cosmetics. 

Drift is one of the most emblematic characters of the Fortnite series. His signature kitsune mask and long jacket are immediately familiar to most of the veterans of the Epic Games’ flagship royal war. Unsurprisingly, due to his fame, Drift has a whole range of cosmetics that fans can get with any aspect of their gameplay. Each of these is the Rift Edge—its harvesting tool.

Drift of the ‘Rift Tip’ Fortnite Skin 

The Rift Edge is an epic skin that is available for the player’s harvesting weapon. It comes with the Drift Pack, but it is not available via the Item Store. In comparison to other beauty kits, players may need to complete the tasks in order to get the skin. 

Originally launched with Chapter 1, Season 5 in August 2018, players had the ability to claim a pickaxe by gaining 100,000 points of experience via that season’s war transfer. It also needs to rotate back into the game—whether via the Item Store or otherwise.

The game explains it as “Piercing through the dimensional plane.” Yes, this is backed up by its presence. Bathed in the Drift signature pink, the tool blade is hooked and glows with what we can presume to be interdimensional fire. It’s shaped like a pink metal handle with silver and brass faucets. At the edge, the tool also features a similar brass cord. Overall, it provides the feeling that someone may have discovered an item with the ability to leap dimensions and fashioned it to the handle of a normal harvesting instrument.

Source: DBLTap