The speculation around the potential Grand Theft Auto 6 has died in recent months due to a lack of awareness. Rockstar Games is incredibly tight-lipped on such a project and does not reveal any detail to the media. We do know, though, that the sixth game is quite a way off, as GTA V continues to receive updates. Although this might be frustrating to excited fans, a recent leak does give a peek inside what a GTA 6 could bring to the table. According to one insider, the game will feature both a male and a female protagonist for the first time in the history of the franchise.

The female protagonist is allegedly included in GTA 6.

Female characters have not played a huge role in any previous GTA title. They’re just small-time characters who don’t take too much screen time and don’t matter to the plot. However, when a new wave is launched, Rockstar seems to be modifying the formula. 

Tom Henderson, a well-known gaming insider, has revealed that the new GTA game will have a female protagonist. The game is also expected to have the traditional male lead as well.

Upon hearing this news, the fans were predictably excited to finally learn about GTA 6. Although, some fans have had a few concerns about how this is going to work. Will Rockstar retain the same formula from GTA 5 and have a variety of playable characters that can be changed? Or is this going to be more of an RPG-style system where the player selects gender for their character? 

None, including the leak, is fixed in stone at this stage. The supposed GTA 6 is still a long way away and any leak that emerges has to be greeted with scepticism. The prospect of seeing a female lead looks good, though.

Source: dailyesports