Source: Blizzard Entertainment

January’s overwatch patch Zenyatta, Echo, and Tracer. The recently published Overwatch patch on Jan. 28 left a sour taste in the mouths of Echo, Zenyatta, and Tracer teams. Both three characters have been targeted for a sequence of nerves in a number of ways.

Echo had her Tri-shot ammunition reduced from 15 to 12 and the length of her target beam reduced from 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds.

Developer Notes: The Echo kit is built around flexibility and burst impact, but has performed too well against high health targets, such as tanks. Reducing the overall fire time of its primary weapon and Concentrating Beam would minimize its sustained damage performance without impacting its ability for burst damage to squishier targets.

Tracer has also seen a small nerve dropping the Pulse Handguns minimum and maximum from 13-23 to 12-20 meters. 

Developer Notes: This latest fall-off range allows damage to be scaled down quicker when targets are out of Tracer’s maximum reach, rendering them less dangerous at mid-range. 

Finally, Zenyatta saw another nerve to his Orbs. His Orb of Harmony projectile speed was downgraded from 120 to 90 while the Orb of Discord was also slowed down from 120 to 90 due to a reduction of 30 to 25 per cent in damage.

Developer Notes: Zenyatta has become a little too successful in allowing team-wide damage production lately, so we’re taking some control out from the Orb of Discord by reducing both its overall damage amplification and the pace with which it can be spread over long distances. The latest projectile speed is now in line with that of his main fire, the Orb of Destruction.

Source: DBLTap