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Pokemon GO Battle League Season 10: Check out the starting date, schedule, and rewards for the upcoming Battle League Season 10

Pokemon GO Battle League Season 10: Check out the starting date, schedule, and rewards for the upcoming Battle League Season 10. There is a huge update for Pokemon GO trainers as the Battle League Season 10 has been announced. From catching their favorite pokemon, trainers can now battle against each other at the Go Battle League.

Starting Date and Time of Pokemon GO Battle League Season 10

The 10th season of Pokemon GO Battle League will start on 29th November at 9 PM GMT (or on 30th November, 2:30 AM IST). The trainers will receive their rewards for Season 9 on their battle screen. For the latest 10th Season, their ranks will be reset again. They will have to rank up as per the requirements applicable in the previous season.

Schedule of the season 10

Similar to the past seasons, we will have the trio leagues where trainers can rank up, along with some special cups for the 10th season. The three major leagues are the Great, Ultra, and Master Leagues while the special cups will be Holiday Cup and Sinnoh Cup. Here is the datewise schedule for the 10th season.

  1. 29th November till 13th December: Great League and Great League Remix
  2. 13th till 27th December: Ultra League, Ultra League Remix, and Holiday Cup
  3. 27th December till 10th January: Masters League, Masters League Classic, and Holiday Cup
  4. 10th till 24th January: Great League and Sinnoh Cup
  5. 24th January till 7th February: Ultra League and Ultra League Premier Classic
  6. 7th till 21st February: Master League, Master League Premier Classic, and Love Cup
  7. 21st till 28th February: Great League, Ultra League, Master League, and Johto Cup.

Rewards of the Season 10

Trainers can receive the following rewards according to the rank they achieve:

  1. Rank 1: Pyroar encounter
  2. Rank 1 and up: Azumarill, Bayleef, Chinchou, Croconaw, Quilava, or Spinarak encounter
  3. Rank 3: Pikachu Libre avatar items
  4. Rank 6: Mienfoo encounter
  5. Rank 11 and up: Forretress, Frillish, Noctowl, Shieldon, or Skuntank encounter
  6. Rank 16 and up: Larvitar, Rufflet, or Scraggy encounter
  7. Rank 19: Elite Charged TM and Elite Fast TM (will be awarded when the season ends)
  8. Rank 20 and up: Current 5-star Raid Boss encounter
  9. Ace Rank: Lysandre-Style Gloves
  10. Veteran Rank: Noibat encounter and Lysandre-Style Shoes
  11. Expert Rank: Deino encounter and Lysandre-Style Pants
  12. Legend Rank:  Pikachu Libre encounter and Lysandre-Style Jacker and Pose.

Battle Days Schedule of Pokemon GO Battle League Season 10

In the 10th Season, we will witness 3 Battle Days, which are as follows:

  1. 8th January 2022 from 12 AM to 11:59 PM local time.
  2. 23rd January 2022 from 12 AM to 11:59 PM local time.
  3. 6th February 2022 from 12 AM to 11:59 PM local time.

These are special days where the trainers’ maximum number of sets that they can play each day is increased from 5 to 20, up to a total of 100 battles. Trainers will also receive 4xStardust from win rewards during this time.

Move changes in the Pokemon GO Battle League Season 10

Here are some Pokemon move changes that have been done in season 10 so that the trainers’ pokemons can fight more fairly.

  1. Rock Tomb: It is now guaranteed to lower the opponent’s Attack.
  2. Pound: The damage of this move is reduced from 5 to 4 in Trainer Battles.
  3. Bug Buzz: The damage has been increased from 90 to 100 in Trainer Battles, Gyms, and Raids.

Some pokemon can now learn different moves. The changes that have been made are:

  1. Donphan can learn Body Slam.
  2. Noctowl can learn Shadow Ball.
  3. Magcargo can learn Incinerate and Rock Tomb.
  4. Octillery can learn Lock-On.
  5. Sudowoodo can learn Rock Tomb.
  6. Lairon can learn Rock Tomb.
  7. Claydol can learn Rock Tomb.
  8. Aggron can learn Rock Tomb.

This is all the information that has been released about the Pokemon GO Battle League Season 10. Stay tuned with us as we bring you the latest updates regarding the game.

Source: Esports Gen


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