Here’s what you need to hear about the next Valorant episode.

The widely awaited Episode 2 of Valorant is just a few days later, and fans are more hyped than ever before. The second episode, featuring a new agent, gameplay improvements, cosmetics, and more, is supposed to add a plethora of new changes to the tactical shooter. 

Let’s have a look at the documented improvements that will be introduced to the table by Episode 2. 

VALORANT Episode 2 Date of publication 

Episode 2 of Valorant, as officially confirmed by Riot Games themselves, is scheduled to reach the live servers on January 12th. 

New agent 

Yoru, the incoming stealth agent, is a native Japanese who can “create gaps in reality to sneak unnoticed into enemy territory.” 

This agent’s skills have also been disclosed.


Equip an echo that mimics the footsteps while Fire is triggered to trigger and send the echo forward, Alt Fire to put the echo in place, use the dormant Echo to send it forward. 


Equipment to harness the rift tether Fire to send the tether out going forward, Alt Fire to put the tether in place, Trigger to teleport to the tether location. 


Equipment to tear the dysfunctional spatial fragment out of reality. Fire to throw a fragment, activating a light that will come to an end until it collides with a hard surface in the universe.

Drift dimensional (Ultimate)

Equip a mask that can be seen between measurements. Fire to drift into the dimension of Yoru, unable to be harmed or noticed by enemies from outside. 

Omen Nerf 

After dominating the competitive target for quite a while, it seems that Omen is about to get some serious nerves. 

These nerves are supposed to strike two of his abilities: 

Dark Cover: Haze lowered by 30% from 4000 to 2800. 

Paranoia: The price has jumped from $200 to $400.

Brimstone Buff

Brimstone has certainly been one of the most underwearing agents in Valorant in the past. Not only are his win-rates very modest relative to other Valorant controllers, but his pick-up rate in the competitive scene has also had a dramatic impact in the last few months.

Luckily, the beret-wearing agent is supposed to earn a variety of buffs during the next update. These buffs shall include: 

Sky Smoke: Smoke casting scale expanded from 4200 to 5000 units. The length of the smoke rose from 14.25 seconds to 19.25 seconds. 

Incendiary: Price is lowered from $300 to $200. 

Stim Beacon: Remove the Equip Time, quickcast from now on.

Source: Talkesport