Source: Psyonix

A Rocket League player has recently met an opponent carrying a ball just outside the target in an attempt to troll it. They managed to avoid the target and had their adversary rethink their trolling routes. 

The opponent had the ball just outside the target of the team and just wanted to drive it a bit further to score. They were going to bait the player to try and keep them from scoring in Rocket League, but they were able to drive the ball at the last second. 

Most of the players would be annoyed and rush the enemy to stop the target, but this player took a much slower approach. They crawled through their target and got as close as they could until they spurred their adversary to try and block the ball.

The opponent tried to score, but the Rocket League player was able to launch the ball above and to the opposite side of the ground. The opponent was pushed back down the field and finally destroyed his opportunity for a goal. 

To make matters worse, the player has confirmed that they have won the match with one goal, which means that the opponent has thrown the match with their trolling stunts. Other players were satisfied with the result and expressed annoyance with the annoying tactics.

Some players believe that this strategy can be effective when applied properly, but this was a poor example for the opponent. Trolling might sound like an excellent tactic to overcome your rival, but it only works if you score. Know, one goal will make a difference between winning and choking a game.

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