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The start of 2021 wasn’t perfect for Fortnite and his followers. While the game’s general content is still being changed, it’s the only positive that many fans can see. The Fortnite Meta is not that fun for players in its present form, which is shared by professional players.

However, if that was not enough, several big cuts to the professional bonus pools have also been announced by Epic Sports. The developers reported yesterday disclosed a significant drop in first place winnings for separate Cash Cups. This is combined with the fact that for high-placing competitors instead of cash, Epic promised a shoutout on Twitter.

Fortnite Cash Cup bonus pools reduced by 2021. 

For some time now, the competitive state of Fortnite as a whole has been deteriorating. There were not many high-profile tournaments in 2020 due to limitations on COVID-19, and this affected both developers and professional players. The scene has already lost some important participants for a number of causes. 

However, what Fortnite had to do with other multiplayer games was a huge prize pool for its different tournaments. In part, this is what has drawn and managed to maintain a substantial number of professional Fortnite players. Unfortunately, the part of the scene still seems to be heading downwards.

Since the beginning of 2021, Epic Games has made several improvements to the prizes for different tournaments. The most striking, though, appears to be the $600 prize for first place in the Cash Cup and the Twitter shoutout for winning a special tournament. 

Obviously, fans and players alike are not thrilled with the way Fortnite’s competitive side is going. However, it’s important to bear in mind that we’re just 10 days out from 2021. Epic Games also have plenty of time to reveal wider prize pots and higher stakes competitions. Even then, fans are justified in their present pessimism.

Source: Dailyesport