Source: The Verge

Valorant has begun to include seasonal in-game activities, so here are five more suggestions for in-game events to be included. While the latest Snowball Battle experience was not ideal, it was a promise that the Riot Games would build on it. 

Valentine’s Day Event

For this game, players would not be allowed to purchase weapons for themselves, they can only buy weapons for their teammates. It will force players to concentrate on ways to strengthen their teammates, and “spread love.” You won’t find any lone wolves in this game mode, it’s all about generosity.

April Fool’s Randomizer Event

For this case, each agent has the capabilities of another random agent per round. Although they’re expected to keep this far from competitive, it will be a fun one to two-week experience that could add confusion to any confrontation with an opponent, since you don’t know what to expect from them. 

Search and Destroy Event

Imagine that instead of one player holding and planting a spike, one player is a spike. One team is trying to protect a player who has a fuse on him, while the other team has to find out which player is the “spike” to kill them before they literally leave. Every player, but the one whose spike is capable of spawning, so that no team can win by merely killing the other.

Superhero Event

This mode is 1v5, the first to win a certain number of kills. The catch is the one that’s going to get a lot of buffs. They’re going to have five times as much health, three times as much power to use as usual, and they’re going to have extra damage. If the one gets to 50 kills, they’re going to win, and if the five gets to 10, they’re going to win.

Chess Match

This one may be tougher to pull out, since it would require a decently advanced AI, but this mode will be 1 v 1 where instead of playing the game, the actions of all five players will be controlled. They’ve got a team budget and they determine whether to buy and for whom to buy. They can also offer basic instructions, such as where to go and whether to play actively or conservatively. Obviously, this is hard to carry out without a smart AI, but it’s a fascinating idea to remember.[td_smart_list_end]

Source: DBLTap