Source: Betway Insider

Women in Esports, a non-profit project of the British Esports Association, has joined forces with the UK-based sports group Rix.GG. 

The partnership will see the two groups holding a women’s-only VALORANT ‘Huntress Trials’ competition.

The competition, which will take place from 30th to 31st January, was organised to encourage diversity and inclusiveness in the sports field. The Huntress Trials are available to all publicly female-identifying or marginalised identities, including, though not limited to, biological females, bisexual women, openly female-identifying, female-presenting or neighbouring marginalised genders. 

Morgan Ashurst, Marketing Manager at British Esports, spoke about the relationship in the release: “Since the introduction of the Women in Esports campaign in November 2019, it has been one of our key goals to play a role in growing female engagement in sports.

“We’re excited to work with Rix.GG to host The Huntress Trials, not just to have opportunities for women in the industry, but also to spotlight talent! ” 

Rix.GG has set up a £2,000 prize pool for the 16 Team Double-Elimination Tournament, with the first place earning £1,000 in prize money. The organization currently has its own Rocket League roster.

Jorden Dakin-White, Head of PR and Content at Rix.GG, also reflected on the deal: “We are profoundly committed to the development of the grassroots sports scene here in the UK, which is why we are so happy to announce this tournament collaboration with Women in Esports! We hope that this festival will be the first step in making sport more diverse, multicultural and feminine-friendly in the UK and the EU.”

Source: Esports Insider