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There are two secret Warzone Season 2 weapons that didn’t show up in the patch notes. This is how you can get the CX9 Scorpion SMG and the RAAL LMG.

With the release of Warzone Season 2, we saw two new Black Ops Cold War arms joining the Battle Royale, namely the LC10 SMG and the FARA 83 AR. What we didn’t see in the update notes or even the smallest announcement was two new secret Warzone Season 2 weapons joining the game. Here’s what these two new Secret Warzone Season two weapons are, and how you can get your hands on them.

Warzone Season 2 Hidden Weapon

Despite no announcement, two weapons from the New Warfare era have made their way to Warzone Season 2.

First of all, we have the CX9, better known as the Scorpion. This is an incredibly powerful Submachine Gun (SMG) that can also go toe-to-toe with the MAC-10 in close range.

Image source: Jackfrags

First, we’ve got the RAAL LMG. This arm also has a brand-new look at it. The RAAL LMG boasts a four-shot time-to-kill body kill, which is very unbelievable.

It could easily stand up to any of the top LMGs out there in Warzone Season 2.

How do I get Scorpion (CX9) and RAAL LMG?

If you’re going to get your hands on Scorpion and RAAL in Warzone Season 2, the only way is to get lucky.

You will pick up both the Scorpion and the RAAL by opening the boxes. You can’t get them in your loading, nor can you unlock them permanently.

Image source: Jackfrags

But if you manage to get your hands on these hidden weapons in Warzone Season 2, they do have a legendary rarity, with the blueprint already giving you five accessories to play with.

In a new video, Jackfrags plays with both of these strong hidden weapons published in Warzone Season 2 below.

According to Jackfrags, there’s also a new secret Warzone Season 2 gun. However, this one seems to be unique to the zombie outbreak co-op survival game.

It will be important to see if the developer eventually adds Scorpion and RAAL so that players can choose it as a loading choice. If they do, these guns will certainly shake our SMG Tier List and LMG Tier List.



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