Source: Tencent Games

After 29 games and two months of extreme battle, the Chinese team earned the title of World Championship and won a grand prize of US$700,000.

The first PUBG Mobile Global Championship has come to an end, in which 16 of the best teams from around the world have faced each other over the four days of the League Finals, in their battle to figure out which team is the best in the world. 

While the finals were to be played in person at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, UAE, the outbreak of COVID-19 that affected three players caused it to move to an online format, with all players playing from their hotel rooms via a dedicated network.

Before the final round, 4AM Esports won the title, ending the League Stage with 631 points, 70 points ahead of Bigetron RA, the PUBG Mobile Club Open World Champions in 2019. 

In the competition, 4AM proved to be no easy enemy to defeat, taking the most Chicken Dinners to the finals with five victories. 

This, in addition to the strong success of their star player, Sukk, was able to award him the title of MVP of the Global Championship, achieving monstrous statistics with 54 kills in 29 games and 11,510 points of total enemy damage.

Source: Tencent Games

But it wasn’t enough for the Four Angry Man team, which took second place in the 294-point World Championship, to take home a reward of US$200,000. 

Surprisingly, Nova Esports, an old acquaintance in other mobile sports such as Clash Royale, ended up taking the title of World Champion, finishing 319 points thanks to four wins, a higher showing than 4AM, and a significant amount of squad kills. 

This performance was more than impressive, considering that Nova’s squad finished ninth in the League Stage with 366 points, just over half of the points earned by the runners-up.

Source: Tencent Games

At the close of the World Championship, these were the final rankings after four days of competition:

  1. Nova Esports – 319 points (4 wins)
  2. 4AM Esports – 294 points (5 wins)
  3. ZEUS ESPORTS – 292 points (2 wins)
  4. NAVI – 241 points (3 wins)
  5. Bigetron RA – 241 points (2 wins)
  6. KoninaPower – 239 points
  7. Team Secret – 226 points (2 wins)
  8. Klas Digital Athletics – 221 points (2 wins)
  9. Alpha7 Esports – 214 points
  10. Secret Jin – 194 points (2 wins)
  11. RRQ Athena – 180 points
  12. Futbolist – 178 points (1 win)
  13. Aerowolf LIMAX – 161 points (3 wins)
  14. POWER888 KPS – 155 points (1 win)
  15. A1 Esports – 146 points (1 win)
  16. Abrupt Slayers – 128 points (1 win)