Congress MP proposes formation of Online Gaming Commission to regulate gaming in India.

Gaming industry growth massively in many countries, including India.

As the industry growth, the criminality follows.

Therefore, the government put their concern on this industry.

Seeing that E-sports have their back right now.

Lok Sabha Member of Parliament, Dean Kuriakose,

Recently presented a private member’s bill in the Parliament

Seeking to form a new governing body to moniter

And regulate the gaming industry in India.

Surely, the propose body will known as Online Gaming Commission

And it will controls multiple aspects if implemented.

The presented bill is known as Online Gaming (Regulation) Bill 2022

And it is necessary to prevent fraudulent activities

In the ever growing gaming industry of India.

The bill aims at putting some restrictions on the gaming activity.

Most importantly, the Gaming Commission will take care of following things:

  • Provide oversight of the functioning of Online Gaming Websites
  • Prepare periodical or reports on online gaming for the Union Government
  • Suggest measures to control or curb illegal online gaming
  • Grant, suspend, and revoke the licence of online gaming websites
  • Determine fee for licence applications and renewals of such websites

Then, if this bill is implemented, there will be some extreme limits set.

As the bill mentions, a license will issued to concerned parties

And to run servers and presumably events as well.