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The Archives event is returning to Overwatch from April 6 to April 27. This event is known for making all previous skins available for purchase, regardless of event. As of the launch, no new content for this new event had been announced.

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The Archives case, like previous years, is known for two things. First, there are co-op missions centered on real moments in Overwatch’s in-universe past. This includes the missions Uprising, Retribution, and Storm Rising, which are all focused on unique areas of the game. 

However, as with 2020, it appears that there will be no new co-op missions due to the team’s work on Overwatch 2. Even if you’ve completed the co-op missions hundreds of times before, the wait for Overwatch 2 may have triggered some forgetfulness. 

Though there will be no new updates to Overwatch, players can still play through the story to prepare for Overwatch 2.

Image source: Activision Blizzard

In 2020’s Archives, the latest updates for these missions included new enemy effects as well as weekly incentives for playing matches. These seem to be returning for this year, but there are no additional updates for 2021. 

With the team’s focus on Overwatch 2, Archives will be similar to previous years, but players will still be able to obtain skins from previous events.

In addition, with the introduction of each new case, the Overwatch team still manages to release new skins to go along with it. However, no new skins were unveiled this year, either in the reveal trailer or otherwise, likely making this the first case in which no new skins were released. 

It will confirm the majority of fans’ worst fears. Following the Overwatch 2 update at BlizzCon Online, their entire attention turned to the sequel. 

This came as no surprise, but it does raise some concerns for current Overwatch teams. Will the lack of new content damage Overwatch’s future or simply enhance the sequel?

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