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These skins from various worlds will be available in two weeks with the latest League of Legends update.

Patch 11.7 is now live on the League of Legends live servers, bringing big improvements like New Freezing and Dragonic Skins to some champions and things on the way to the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational and the debut of the new Space Groove skin style.

And, as is customary, new content for the next 11.8 patch has already started to appear on the PBE, with the already introduced new champion Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress, and new skins that will bring back one of the game’s most epic themes, as well as a couple of new skins from other lands.

Return to the Dragon World

The Dragon World line has always been distinguished by being influenced by aspects related to these mythical beasts, such as fire and medieval blacksmithing, considering its roots in a world where dragons roam free.

After several months of no new Dragon World material, three new skins have been released via the PBE, at a cost of 1350 RP and with a large number of chromas that will accompany them at launch.

Dragonslayer Kayle and Dragon Guardian Galio

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Dragonslayer Twitch

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Freezing skins from the dark world

Aside from these, a couple of skins with a new theme, “Blackfrost,” have been revealed. Although their backstory has not been revealed, these will have a distinct appearance, based on dark magic and seeming to have been transported from a desolate and hopeless world.

Both are also expected to cost 1350 RP.

Blackfrost Sion

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Blackfrost Vel’Koz

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Gwen makes her debut in stunning style

Along with Gwen’s arrival in the Summoner’s Rift, the Hallowed Seamstress will receive her first skin, which will be themed on the Space Groove model, with cute and colorful touches from another world, for 1350 RP.

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As a reward for participating in the Space Groove Case, this skin will be accompanied by new summoner icons.

New emotes added to the Ranked rewards

Furthermore, as part of the Season 2021 – Split 2 rewards, the Rank Emotes and Icon received over the next three months of Ranked queues will be based on Gwen, as is always the case with new Featured Champion launches.

Image source: Riot Games

All of this content will be available through Patch 11.8, which will hit live servers on 14th April.

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