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The Necrobook is one of the most valuable products in Dota 2.

The end of the Singapore Major has left us with a few questions. The use of the Necrobook item in professional matches is noteworthy. While it’s uncertain if the item would be nerfed in the upcoming patch, there’s still time to misuse it in pub games and gain a major advantage. Let’s take a look at what Necrobook does in competitive matches to get a better understanding of how to use it.


Necrobook was not arbitrarily allocated to a hero in order to maximize its ability. The item is no longer viable on all heroes due to balance changes. In reality, at the Major Necrobook, Beastmaster, Enigma, and Lycan were the most commonly used characters.

Image source: ESTNN

The Necronomicon is one of the most valuable things a hero can purchase in-game. For the sake of convenience, we’ll look at Necronomicon (level 3).

The item costs 4,550 gold and gives +18 Strength and +4 Mana regeneration to heroes. This will often fix mana issues encountered by heroes such as Beastmaster and Enigma. It even calls out a Warrior and an Archer. The Warrior has 900 HP and deals 78 damage; additionally, it deals 50 damage as mana break, depleting the enemy hero’s mana. Warrior also grants True Sight and does 800 damage to the hero who defeats it.

The Archer has 900 HP and deals 75 damage per hit. It also gives a travel speed aura of 9 to heroes within a 1200 radius.


The most intriguing feature of Necrobook, however, is not its numbers. The pros depend on Necronomicon to perform a variety of tasks for them. We discovered that the item aids in farming lane creeps and jungle camps after reviewing several matches. Furthermore, also a level 1 Necronomicon exerts enormous pressure on enemy towers, forcing reactions and separating enemy heroes.

The Necrobook is more than just pushing and farming. Another net positive in team fights is using the item to taunt back-line squishy heroes. This causes the heroes to either retreat or engage in an unfavorable battle against both Necrobook units and enemy heroes.

Enigma farms and pushes lanes alongside the eidolons using the Necrobook. As a follow-up to Beastmaster’s ultimate, Necro units and wild boars can deal significant harm. Lycan employs Necro units alongside his wolves to relentlessly drive lanes and deal damage to squishy enemy heroes.

Abusing the Necronomicon in pub games where players struggle to connect and collaborate is a good idea. The item offers a wonderful opportunity to out farm enemies and push objectives.

Source: ESTNN


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