Asian Games 2022 are coming!

E-sports will take a chance this time

Asian games 2022 will be featuring 8 video games, as a medal event.

This is the first time for E-sports to integrated on the same level of traditional sports in the Asian Games.

Seeing how big of a player base India has, and how it can excel at E-sports

A member of the Upper House of the parliament – the Rajya Sabha speak in support of E-sports.

Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, a member of Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra said;

A special mention about developing a prudent ecosystem for esports, including legally permissible e-gaming. This has earlier also been mentioned in the house. Out of the 8 games that are medal events at the Asian Games, 2 are banned by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology due to Data pilferage concerns.”

He also added;

What is required is to have a more holistic outlook towards E-sports and gaming and in that regard, there have to be some efforts from the Government, to ensure India’s flag is represented and players are selected for these tournaments in a fair and transparent manner. I request that wider consultations need to be held to develop a prudent E-sports ecosystem to further economic growth and job creation”

This will bring more attention to the world of E-sports

Moreover, its growing market in India and across the world.

These topics brought up in the parliament are a sign of life for E-sports and video games, and a nod to the bright future India has in the gaming world.

There will be a total of 8 E-sports that will be medal events at Asian Games 2022 according to Talkesports, these are:

  • Arena of Valor Asian Games Version
  • Dota 2
  • Dream Three Kingdoms 2
  • EA SPORTS FIFA branded soccer games
  • HearthStone
  • League of Legends
  • PUBG Mobile Asian Games Version
  • Street Fighter V

With the inclusion of various esports titles, fans all around the Asian region will be able to watch their favorite pro players compete live in the 2022 Asian Games.