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Team BDS secured back-to-back big victories by beating Team Vitality in the grand finale of the Rocket League Championship Season X (RLCSX) Winter Major. 

After bringing home the victory in the fall major, Team BDS strengthened their position at the top by also winning the winter major. They secured double the points for the World Championship and $36,000, bringing their total prize money earnings to $214,200 this season alone.

Team BDS reigns in Europe

Team BDS has proven repeatedly its dominance since the start of the season by winning four of the six regional events and now the second major in a row. But Team BDS Alex “Extra” Paoli remained humble in a post-match interview. 

“We need to see another split to see if we’re top one, top two, top three, or top four. But [other teams] are definitely catching up,” said Paoli. “We’ve got to win the next major.”

And while Team BDS may look supreme on numbers alone, Extra’s words ring true. Team Vitality came close to defeating Team BDS twice in this major alone, both games requiring a final game of seven with a single goal difference. In spite of that, Team BDS did what the likes of Vitality, Dignitas and Galaxy Racer could not do, solidifying their place at the top.

The spring splitting soon began with another three regional events and a major one to close it before the World Championships later this year. There are no confirmed dates for beginning the spring split, but the transfer window will end on March 5 for Europe. The format and any other aspects of the spring split have not yet been announced, but are expected to be unveiled shortly.

Next week, it’s up to the North American teams to carry it to the table to take home top points and prize money. Similar to Team BDS in the EU, Team Envy is currently at the top with a 1000-plus point advantage, but with 802 points for the first-place finisher, the North American RLCSX Winter Major is the ideal opportunity to start winning.

Source: Daily Esports


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