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Evil Geniuses beat Immortals for the final LCS Mid-Season Showdown spot. In the final week of the LCS Spring Split, Immortals was one of the last bottom table teams to qualify for the postseason. TSM beat the young squad and eliminated this break from all possible international rivalry.

The squad had a 7-8 record before the final weekend, aiming to jump Evil Geniuses at 8-7. But the team lost its first two games as Evil Geniuses took the first. Immortals and their followers are now looking at the Summer Split.

Immortals regular season

Immortals have entered the regular season, and the LCS Lock-In Tournament, with expectations for progress. The team played two rookie players, Mohamed “Revenge” Kaddoura and David “Insanity” Challe, along with three veterans.

The Immortals have been a hit-and-miss team during the Summer Split. By depending on his young solo laners, the team will always be at the mercy of rookie mistakes. This led the team to lose games to the top table players. But unlike other young-core players, the Immortals had control over their fate in the playoffs. The other teams were either out or had to rely on other teams to lose the final day.

Mid-Season Showdown teams

With Immortals eliminated, the playoff scene is set. Cloud9, 100 Thieves, Team Liquid, TSM, Evil Geniuses and Dignitas all qualified for the Mid-Season Showdown. Seeding has yet to be set for both the upper and lower brackets. The playoff seeds will be determined by the final day of the game, barring any tiebreakers.

The tournament will determine who will be representing the area at the Mid-Season Invitational. Cloud9 is particularly hungry for international play as a result of the pandemic that canceled the tournament last season.

But, team-wise, the other two perennial LCS leaders, TSM and Team Liquid, and the three younger or newer LCS organizations. 

Source: Daily Esports


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