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Netflix and Valve released the teaser on Twitter today.

“We’re excited to announce a brand-new anime series that explores the Dota universe like never before,” Valve said in their Tweet. 

The fantasy-inspired series follows the story of Davion, most familiar to the game players as the Dragon Knight. 

According to the show’s logline, Davion’s dedication to wiping out the scourge puts him face to face with other famous characters in the series, including Princess Mirana, who has her own secret task to attend to.

Image source: Dota 2

Dragon’s Blood is expected to be animated by Studio MIR, best known for their remake of Voltron, as well as the production team behind Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra. (Maybe that’s where all that TI’s money went?) 

It’s not just the fans of the game who are still excited. With a lot of teams and pundits hopping to share their enthusiasm with the story.

The March release date also syncs very well with the timing of the first Major. The Singapore Major will begin on 27 March. Which gives you two days to catch the first episode before the action begins. 

Dota 2: Dragon Blood will be available on Netflix on March 25.

Source: ESTNN


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