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A leak has revealed the Warzone Ballistic Knife alongside what appears to be an Assault Rifle and an SMG could arrive in Season 3.

There has been a tonne of leaks surrounding the content of and Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3, which is expected to start on 21st or 22nd April 2021. These leaks include the chance of eight new vehicles, an 80s Black Ops Cold War-themed map, possible helmet and armour, and more. Now, a leak has revealed that we could see two new guns release in Warzone Season 3, alongside the Ballistic Knife.

Warzone Season 3: New guns and Ballistic Knife

Previous leaks have suggested the Ballistic Knife, as well as a Baseball Bat, will arrive in Warzone. While the latter might be connected to zombies, the Ballistic Knife should become available in standard Black Ops Cold War and Warzone multiplayer during the course of Season 3.

Call of Duty dataminer and leaker, Zesty, found three weapon variant files in the Season 2 Reloaded update files. These are used to store weapons and all their variants, pointing towards a release of the Ballistic Knife as well as two guns.

Zesty notes that weapon variant files are usually only added when these items are close to releasing, pointing towards the possibility of them coming with Warzone Season 3, or sometime during the season.

Warzone Season 3 new weapons guns ballistic knife leaks(Picture: Zesty via Twitter)

Unfortunately, no additional information about the two new guns possibly releasing with Warzone Season 3 is available.

The guns are simply labelled “ar_t9fastburst” and “sm_t9spray”, which are codenames. However, we can at least ascertain that the first one is an Assault Rifle, while the other is likely a Submachine Gun.

Stay tuned as we will cover everything Warzone Season 3, as well as how to unlock the new weapons and the Ballistic Knife, as soon as more information becomes available.

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