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Fortnite Professional players enjoy the Arena and win Hype. When players race through Arena playlists and win Hype, they step up Open League ladder through Contender League to Champions League. 

Who’s got the most arena points in Fortnite? 

As of this article, the new Fortnite player at the top of the Hype Leaderboard is Marzz_OW with 291,658 Hype, which just reached the 250k mark on January 29, 2021.

Marzz_OW was also the first to reach the 100k format, holding a steady lead for months. Reddit user Leo9991 did the math when Marzz_OW reached 100k and pointed out that the 898 games Marzz_OW played had average time of 15 minutes. That’s 12.5 hours a day, except for the tournaments. 

Marzz_OW really has to love the arena. He’s going to have to look out, as ADVYTH is on his heels with 270,398 marks, a mere 21,280. Of course, the difference is reasonably wide, but not as large as the gap between the ADVYTH and the current 3rd place player, revrsa slams u, who has just 4,018 points.

Image source: Epic Games

It seems like it will take some time before either Marzz_OW or ADVYTH will lose their current spot on the leaderboard. A lot of time is needed for the game to catch up. 

Either of them would have to avoid playing the arena for a long time, or someone else would have to put in a lot of effort and skill to raise their scores. 

At this point, it may not have been the smartest decision for Epic to start the Hype Leaderboard. While the knowledge is nice to have under regular conditions, looking at it now is likely to deter players who see the difference in ratings and give up seeking to earn the top spot.

Source: Sportskeeda

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