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Why’s Wraith No Longer the Most Popular Character in the Game?

Interdimensional Skirmisher Wraith is no longer the most common character in the Apex Legends, according to the Respawn Lead Creator. 

Wraith has been the most common character to use in Apex Legends since it was almost released, partly because of its small hitbox, its ability to open rifts between different locations, and its ability to sense “Voices of the Void” However, with season eight changes to the game, Respawn looked to get Wraith out of the top spot, and they were successful. There are some new top legends out there.

Image source: Reddit: DanielZKlein

The Wraith of Apex Legends is no longer the most famous character in the game 

According to Lead Developer Daniel Klein, Respawn has increased the size of the hit box on Wraith, meaning that it won’t be as hard to hit, nerving one of the main advantages of using it. At the end of the day, Respawn hopes that this will change the most used characters in the game and encourage players not to misuse their abilities and perks and try someone new.

Until Respawn releases an official, comprehensive list, we’re not going to know the most famous new characters on Apex Legends. We can presume that besides Wraith being up there, we might see Legends like Fuse or Lifeline in the top three, with the number one spot for debate after Season 8. However, because of the nerve, after this season, you should expect to see a lot less of Wraith in Apex Legends.

Source: DBLTap


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