E-sports Insider’s competition offers $25,000 prize pool

E-sports Insider come with Overwolf announcement

The all-in-one platform that enables creators to build, distribute, and monetize in-game apps and mods,

As the official Technology Partner of The Clutch,

The E-sports-focused pitch investment competition,

The Clutch began life as an in-person pitch investment competition

Launched in 2019 at ESI London.

At first, the competition focused exclusively on E-sports-related early stage start-ups.

Since that edition, it has taken place digitally on multiple occasions during the ESI Digital series of events.

To date, there have been four winners: G-Science, TEAMS.gg, Anzu and iTero Gaming.

Which will mark its grand return to a physical format at ESI’s flagship Major event ESI London on September 5-7th 2022.

Overwolf is contributing a prize pool of $25,000 to The Clutch’s London edition this year,

Here is the following split;

1st place – $15,000, 2nd place – $7,000 and 3rd place – $3,000.

The eligible winning start-up will also granted the opportunity to travel to Tel Aviv,

Where Overwolf is headquartered, for a week of in-person mentoring and product acceleration.

Moreover, Uri Marchand the CEO of Overwolf said;

“Overwolf has a long history of partnering with leading esports in-game apps from Professor, which helps League of Legends players understand their match statistics, to Tracker Network, which provides a suite of stats apps for many top games including Valorant, Apex, and Fortnite. Through this partnership with Esports Insider, we are excited to find the best upcoming esports in-game apps that help gamers enhance their gameplay experience. The Clutch gives us early access to this rising talent and we can’t wait to hear the pitches”