U.S. veteran using E-sports as the media to help their friends

Recently, E-sports around the world growing so fast

A lot of people and even company wants to take a part in E-sports field

Therefore, U.S. veteran shows a good impact from this field

Then they use E-sports as the media to avoid veteran’s suicidal thought

Chris ‘Entxurage’ Earl, Co-Founder and CEO of Regiment Gaming said;

“I’ve had plenty of friends get out of the military before me and tell me how they feel lost, afraid, and that they don’t fit in, and that worried me,”

One such organisation, Regiment Gaming, says its explicit mission is to unite veterans

But not only the veterans, they also allow the active service members of the U.S. Armed Forces,

With a particular view to preventing veteran suicide

Because it is a serious and growing problem within the U.S. military.

Generation E-sports acquires Military Gaming League Rally Cry to produce military E-sports competitions at FORCECON

Moreover, Earl saw gaming and E-sports as the solution.

According to a study by the Department of Veterans Affairs,

Video games and competitive play can assist with recovery from both physical and emotional trauma.

The digital nature of gaming also allows veterans to stay in close contact with others from their time in service,

Alleviating the loneliness that Earl said haunts many in their adjustment to civilian life.

A 2018 study in the journal Social Science & Medicine found, using a small sample of veterans suffering from mental health issues,

That video games can help in overcoming issues such as PTSD and substance abuse disorders.