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More than a week after 100 Thieves CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag featured in the Rockstar Energy Super Bowl advert, the two firms announced a collaboration on Twitter. 

100 Thieves had formerly been linked to Red Bull, who first signed with Nadeshot while he was already playing the professional Call of Duty. Now, Rockstar Energy is going to act as 100 Thieves’ official drink sponsorship.

Rockstar first joined the sporting scene last year, supporting Counter Strike: Global Offensive Mousesports Team. Since then, influencers and other sponsorships have been trapped outside of sports and games.

This sponsorship of Rockstar should not be confused with the recent Los Angeles Thieves sponsorship of the Mountain Dew AMP Game Fuel. Although 100 Thieves own LA Thieves, this sponsorship is strictly for Call of Duty. 

Rockstar Partnership extends its 2021 sponsorship 

Rockstar Energy joined the growing roster of new alliances in 2021. Since January, 100 Thieves have collaborated with AT&T, GrubHub and OMEN PCs.

The company has closed some of the most strong sports sponsorships, with Cash App becoming the main example to help develop the team’s gaming compound.

Jerseys endorsed by companies such as Chipotle, JBL and Cash App are also periodically published. Nadeshot also wore a Rockstar-branded 100 Thieves tee with his game set up in the Super Bowl Energy Drink advert.

Aside from the merchandise, the organization uses advertisers to fund its contents, with GrubHub recently funding 100 Thieves’ new League of Legends broadcast, “Run it Down” with Moe “Yassuo” Abdalrhman.

Despite the four-minute unveiling video shared on Twitter, 100 Thieves have not precisely disclosed what their latest relationship with Rockstar Energy would entail.

Source: Daily Esports


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