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The Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit is only in its second week, and tension is already building—outside of the game. Throughout yesterday’s grand finale, caster Tom “Tsquared” Taylor called TSM player Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen for difficult contact with his two teammates. 

The incident occurred after TSM was eliminated and Tsquared tried to jump in for a live stream TSM listen-in. The listen-in consisted of ImperialHal exclaiming loudly what the team was supposed to do better in that case, even though Tsquared described it as ImperialHal’s “yelling at his teammates.”

ImperialHal communicates with Tsquared caster

Shortly after the caster’s comments, ImperialHal took Twitter to find out why they had been broadcast on the official Apex Legends.

ImperialHal said he felt singled out, possibly because of his reputation in the Apex Legends culture. The player and the streamer claimed that what Tsqaured called “yelling” was pure excitement born out of a desire to win. He added that if his contact really were a matter of concern, his teammates would not continue to play with him. 

Instead of continuing the public discussion, Tsquared told Hal that Twitter was not the place to discuss the matter. Neither ImperialHal nor Tsquared could be contacted by Daily Esports for further comments on the matter.

For those who have seen TSM and ImperialHal, the player’s communication strategies are nothing new. Hal is the chief of the TSM Apex Legends in-game and appears to have a strong tone behind everything he says while playing. 

TSM and ImperialHal will take another crack at the Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit winning week three when the matches kick off on Feb. 26.

Source: Daily Esports


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