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Valorant players have expressed their doubts about Radianite Points pricing, and they are dissatisfied with some of the responses developers have offered them.

Valorant will soon mark a year after the closed beta’s launch, but Riot is constantly reminding players that the game and all of its systems are constantly being reviewed and subject to change.

And players are making certain that Riot is aware of any issues that the player base believes may exist, ranging from gameplay mechanics and balancing to Ranked play and other issues that may or may not be directly relevant to the game.

Radianite Points and the value they have are one of the issues that players have with the game.

Radianite Points (RP) are an in-game currency in Valorant that can be used to upgrade your weapons with new visual effects, audio, animations, finishers, and skin variations purchased from the shop. They can be obtained via the Battle Pass or purchased with Valorant Points, a premium currency that can only be purchased with real money.

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However, many players currently believe that the game’s combat pass provides simply too little RP for the effort put in, and they are venting their displeasure with RP pricing on Reddit and Twitter.

The completely leveled combat pass will give you 160 RP, but it will take you 3 months of grinding, or as u/Gusaxd put it: “You have to be married to the game to get it.”

On the other hand, the price of Radianite Points appears to be absurdly high, and Gusaxd provided an example in which upgrading three skins costs him nearly R$250, which is roughly $45 USD.

On Reddit, one of the Valorant’s creators, Aeneia, has attempted to explain things, but her comments have been met with downvotes.

“Like many of the items that were delivered to players last June, the storefront was in a state of ‘This will work, and we’ll build upon it when we get the chance,'” she wrote. “We recognize that there is always space for change. And if it’s something you really feel needs to be improved (and prioritized over other items we might be working on), I urge you to keep speaking out about it.”

Image source: Riot Games

She attempted to demonstrate that they never intended for their monetisation system to seem predatory, nor did they intend to deceive players in the current system. She claims that the 20-40% tags on Radianite packages are not there to show a discount, but rather to demonstrate how much more value players will get by purchasing them in larger bundles.

Valorant Redditors seem to be dissatisfied with her responses, as they were downvoting her remarks. You can read the entire discussion on the subject here, which includes more information from developers as well as some breakdowns on what some players perceive to be problems and predatory practices.

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