8Bit E-sports excited to let you guys see their new roster!

On their official social media account, 8Bit E-sports announce the new roster and shows some new players, who are they?

They are;

  • Regaltos
  • Rayed
  • Madman
  • Juicy
  • Tsunami
  • Secret

Regaltos comeback to competitive BGMI!

He will be playing from the roster of 8Bit E-sports in the upcoming tournaments.

There are six new players for BGMI lineup in total for the upcoming tournament.

Regaltos is beloved by BGMI community as he has briefly represented Team Soul in the past and was an integral part of the lineup alongside legends like Mortal and Viper. He took a short break from BGMI esports a while back and now, his return comes in the form of 8Bit Esports.

Regaltos is not gone far away from home

As he will still be a part of S8UL and playing from Team 8Bit instead of Soul.

This new roster also has an exciting addition in form of Rayed

He was one of the main fraggers on GodLike E-sports and is well-versed with the competition from past three years.

Madman, Juicy and others are relatively uprising players, but their addition to 8Bit E-sports gives them a big window of opportunity to gain fame

And surely to showcase their skills at the upcoming tournaments.

The new competitive meta has shifted towards more aggressive plays and hence, this combination will suit the new 8Bit lineup.

are you ready to see how the roster works?