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Activision’s latest installment into the Call of Duty Franchise, WW2: Vanguard, could introduce new content such as weapons and maps into Warzone.

Warzone is currently the franchise’s unfortunate forgotten boy, having been passed over for updates several times over—likely due to the pandemic and influx of anti-cheat focus by Treyarch and Raven Software. Originally, the game was scheduled to get a new 80s-inspired map, but it was postponed until later in 2021.

Might this be the reprieve that developers and players have been waiting for?

WW2: Vanguard Release Could Impact Warzone Content

Since VGC announced that Vanguard would use the same I8W engine as both Modern Warfare and its multiplayer component, Warzone, rumors about a potential convergence of the two have been circulating. Vanguard’s content would certainly be compatible with Warzone, which means that any new weapons, maps, or other features may potentially be introduced with minimal effort.

Since Warzone is in desperate need of an update, players hope that the release of Vanguard will include an upgrade for Verdansk and everything else. If changes are made to I8W within Vanguard, those can also be adapted.

Unfortunately, this optimism places players in a difficult position. In the event that Vanguard becomes a standalone title, the community will be forced to wait until 2022 for the next big update.

Source: DBLTap


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